Renew and restore
hope for your marriage

Hope Restored

A Marriage Intensive
Counselling Experience

Right now, you may feel like too much damage has been done to your marriage. You may feel like your relationship is beyond repair. But before you and your spouse close the door forever, you owe it to yourselves – and possibly your children – to give saving your marriage one more try.

Focus on the Family Canada’s Hope Restored marriage intensives provide hope for those who feel hopeless.

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Most couples who attend are experiencing significant marital distress. Many have already started the divorce process. But, of the couples who attended one of our marriage intensives, over 80 per cent of those surveyed post-intensive are still together two years after attending.

Hope Restored is a personalized program for restoring hearts and rebuilding marriages. Offering a unique, holistic counselling approach that combines the heart, the mind and a couple’s faith, these intensives address the root of the problem and start couples on a path toward healing.

Each intensive features an all-inclusive, multi-day experience with a marriage counselling team at one of our luxury retreat centres. Counsellors address a variety of topics such as communication, infidelity, intimacy, financial strain, blended families and career conflicts.

With three different intensive programs, we are confident we have the program that can meet your specific needs.

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“We read it all, we tried it all, nothing seemed to work. We came here as a last-ditch effort. The divorce papers were already filled out, the parenting and financial plans had already been agreed upon. I came here only to be able to say that I had tried everything before calling it quits. We found success at Hope Restored.”